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We, as a group, intend to add value to our services thanks to our experience, expertise and established working relations with various financing institutions.

about us

Libra Capital is a finance facilitation and projects’ support company, dedicated to provide access to sources of funding for companies seeking external capital. We strive for strategically utilize our resources and skills to make a contribution in the targeted niche markets. As a consortium of skilled entities, we have developed a large and diverse client base throughout the world that enables us to facilitate access to both viable projects and funders.

We structure between finance, facilitation, and support solutions for projects. We offer support to project promoters through project design phase, business planning, raising of appropriate finance, deal-structuring and closure. As a group, we also gained most of our expertise in the commodity trade environment and seek to add value in this field, by exploring related opportunities within projects.

We have established a network of local representatives in the emerging and developed markets to source projects and clients. We focus on countries with strong growth rates, large demand and stable financial markets. The company’s services also include holistic project finance solutions to achieve appropriately funded and successful projects for project promoters or developers; and analyse, review, and mitigate the multitude of risks associated with project finance. In addition, we provide services required to take a project ranging from idea to implementation, with an emphasis on financial structuring.

This group aims to deliver value and growth by assisting businesses and entrepreneurs with corporate finance arrangements and strategic consulting services to finance their businesses and projects. We offer multiple options through a bouquet of financial offerings to meet almost every finance requirement and assists clients to get the best finance offered by the market leaders.

We, as a group, intend to add value to our services thanks to our experience, expertise and established working relations with various financing institutions.

our mission

We arrange business and project finance and structured financing to meet our clients’ most demanding needs. Our core business is to support your business – whether you are a sole entrepreneur or a large company, we arrange the funds you need to take your business and projects to the next level.

We take solutions seriously and guide clients in structuring their financial needs by focussing on the client’s objectives. We secure the best possible deal for our clients by negotiating with the banking and financial institutions using our expertise and close working relations.

To achieve the goal of a well-structured project, we take the project through a detailed project development cycle to enable us to match it with the right funder. Not spending enough time on the early stage analysis and structuring of the project will more often than not result in some of the principles having to be revisited later in the process with negative cost and time implications. The approach is centred on the specific promoter and projects need and the relevant region where implementation would be applied.

In order to achieve success we employ the following model:

  • screening and selection

Assessing the project viability, relevance, economic impact and the potential to secure funding within criteria.

  • diagnosis

Once selected, our project evaluation process defines the development guidelines for specific business opportunities and identifies its specific strengths and shortcomings in order to ensure a bankable project with all relevant documentation that could be presented to funders. At this stage, we could recommend the addition of risk mitigating elements such as labour force recruitment and insurance.

  • project funding strategy

Our projects and finance teams will development a strategy with you and your project in order to minimise potential problems that may otherwise arise during the negotiation and project execution phase.

  • marketing to funders

Your projects will be presented by our team to prospective funders with clear, transparent and relevant information that will be prepared in accordance with international standards. The information will be packaged and presented in an attractive way as it is often the key to the success of the project.

  • negotiation & final closure

The group will support promoters through their funding negotiation process in order to ensure that they achieve the best possible and most effective terms and conditions within the deal structuring.

This provides not only project support but also arrange finance as well as conventional financing solutions – ranging from traditional institutional finance to structured finance and private equity for companies for their various projects. In order to ensure successful project implementation and growth we have a team of professionals that will assist in ensuring all agreements and other relevant documentations are compiled and available to package to selected funders. It helps in planning of the most-effective investment structure and offers the following services within the finance facilitation offering:

Analysis of project feasibility


Assisting with relevant project documentation


Aligning project with potential funders as per criteria


Identification of strategic funder


Strategy for deal placement, including staff component, insurance and SRI


Present project and their management to potential funders.


Coordinate between the promoters and the funder during due-diligence.


Conduct negotiations with the project promoters.


Preparation of Term Sheet and Agreements


Concluding transaction


our team

The following dedicated team of professionals will assist and work closely with the project promoters and their funding partners within their respective networks to ensure the successful project finance facilitation and implementation.

M. Med Rachid Laaouimir


Working together, and with a common objective as result, the solution can only come from a common interest achievement. The point is, there has to be a starting point, an initial initiative that has to come from one of these the 3 Players. Starting from here, Libra Capital Ltd has been working the idea that investment is the key Player to get the machine running and has been working on financial mechanisms to be able to respond to the first part of the problem, which is the Funding.

Mrs. Ibijoke Marcellina Owolabi-Adejumo

Libra Capital Nigeria CEO

Ibijoke Marcellina Owolabi-adejumo, the CEO of Libra Capital Nigeria Ltd grew up in Nigeria and USA. She had her secondary education in Ibadan. She went to University of Wisconsin Whitewater , Wisconsin, USA with a degree in Bacher of Art in Economics and Applied Career Training School at Arlington Virginia USA.She is a versatile woman who has accumulated many years of experience working for many companies in the United States of America. Cellina is a Nigerian. She is a highly motivator of employees to get the job done. Her inspiring quality and attitude have made every employee of the company to work as a team.

Mr. Victor LIMA

Libra Capital Ltd GM

Specialized in business development, project development and monitoring of investment projects for market expansion (increase opportunities) and market diversification (lower risk). Through his experience in Luxembourg based finance industry, he gained substantial experience in fund and investment structuring.

Mr. Hamid BUTT

President Libra Capital Ltd Pakistan

Mr. Hamid Butt retains a large sphere of influence within the Pakistani political ecosystem. His robust family network encompasses ties within the Pakistan Business .and politics .He migrated to South Africa early in his career and now possesses South African citizenship. Exercising his political forte, he swiftly built his influence in South Africa and became involved in the mining industry; he now operates a large coal mine in the country. His political network has augmented worldwide and he now specialises in locking deals in a range of industries, globally.

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